Pending Charges

All sales transactions take place when the campaign reaches its goal.

Before that takes place, you may see a pending charge or an authorization on your account. No worries, though. Little Hunter will never charge your card without a guarantee that your order will print and ship.

If you pay with a credit/debit card and see a "Pending Charge" during the campaign, please note that this is just a pre-authorization of funds to be taken out from your bank at the time of Transaction. Little Hunter will not withdraw any money from your account until your order is processed for printing and delivery. Banks may vary in how they process such pending charges. Check with your local bank for further information.

If you pay with PayPal, this pending charge is a bit different. Paypal acts as sort of a "middle man." What this means is that, once you submit your payment, Paypal withdraws the funds from your bank account and holds onto them. Once a campaign reaches its goal, Paypal then releases the funds to Little Hunter. If the goal is not reached by the time the campaign ends, Paypal releases the funds back into your bank account!